AquaFrixio@ Dry Massage Water Bed

Uniquetrackless suspension jetting patented technologyImported from America

AquaFrixio@ Dry Massage Water Bed

The AquaFrixio@ automatic water friction suspension tank is a high-end product of ProSun International LLC. ProSun International LLC is a company integrating R&D, production and sales. This type of suspension tank with the industrially unique patented technology has been sold to the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Italy and other countries. In 2017, Dionysos, our Hong Kong company, introduced it to mainland China exclusively and is the sole distributor for Greater China.

Principle of AquaFrixio

With its unique trackless suspension system patented technology, the AquaFrixio@ automatic water massage
bed can perform full-body or partial massage with various nozzle modes and intensities, giving you a
feeling of shiatsu massage with its 180-degree automatic full-body or partial suspension jets. In addition,
its unique red light treatmentrejuvenates the facial skin and neck.

Features of AquaFrixio

· Imported from America;
· Unique trackless suspension jets patented technology, with intelligent
  computer-controlled nozzles.
· Six massage areas and 24 air assisted rotating nozzles for thorough
  pulse massage;
· Unique combination of collagen treatment and dry-type spa massage;
· Easy to use, with the mobile device media integration and 180-degree
  multiple massage modeseliminating the need for massage therapists.

· Supports various modes such as preset massage, custom massage,
  etc., to allow users to customize the massage program to massage
  the full body, upper body, lower body or abdomen;
· Every massagewith full-body shiatsu massage effect lasts for 10-20
  minutes, which can quickly eliminate fatigue and revitalize you;
· Comfortable anti-bacterial mattress with the marine pad design
  allowing the user to be massaged while fully clothedclothes on.

Suitable of AquaFrixio

Technical Model of AquaFrixio

Customer of AquaFrixio

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